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a secodn pair of eyes

If you need a second pair of eyes to look at your customer journeys, you have landed in the right place.

We validate and elevate your existing Product Journeys by applying behavioural design.

Grow your business by increasing your customers' well-being.

We focus on minimising 

High Effort

Your users´ brain will block any information that requires high effort. 

Your users´ brain will block any information that requires high effort.   ​

If your customers are experiencing high effort and friction then...

when your customers are experincing high effort and friction

They may be struggling to find your product meaningful to their lives. 

Where is your product at?

ux pyramid

And...You are probably finding hard to keep long term positive relationships with your customers.

long term positive relationship with your customer

Be ahead in every interaction

Start applying Cognitive biases to your product. They are objective rules to help your users understand faster and better what they can do.

be ahead in every interaction


Great products respect people´s time and attention


What is the thing that your customers remember about your service?

Take a moment to think...

Anak Garcia


My name is Anak, founder of I Life You and I can help your business transition from being usable to meaningful for your customers. The trick is to stop meeting their expectations and to start exceeding them. 

This site is texty but if you vibrate with what I have to tell you let´s connect and start a conversation.

But there is a way to achieve a...

Desired customer journey

user jounrey graph example

Aim at delighting your customers at the right time in the right place.

These, will want to stick around your product.

And will tell others about it!

One pitfall in your journey will result in a bad memory of your service for your users. 

They will use your service as long as there is no one better in the market. It´s a matter of time.


Start introducing new ways to tap into your customers´ decision-making process. We use psychological principles that will make your product grow.

Your data tells us what is happening,

your screens where it is happening

and your user journeys 

why and how it is happening.


But I have my own UX team that does all that!

Yes that may well be the case but... if any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, take a moment to reconsider:

☐ We spend a lot of our time fixing bugs here and there
☐ We have endless sprints for releasing new features 
☐ We hardly review our existing journeys and often miss where the pitfalls are
☐ Conversions and Churn rate are not thriving
☐ We hardly spend any time getting to know really well our users
☐ Too often we get stuck on groupthink loops and personal opinions
☐ There is a mismatch in priorities between the dev and the design team

☐ Need fresh eyes to review our product journeys.

These are the repercussions of businesses lacking a user-centered culture. Implementing change internally can be challenging. 

Let's start a conversation on how we can assist you.

Humanising your customer journeys is a win-win for you, your customers  and the general human wellbeing.  Lead the path.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anak for over 2 years at Natwest. She was instrumental in a number of long term strategic workstreams that have supported our maturity drive and commitment to deliver rich customer experiences. Her methodical approach to design thinking and to the practice of UX has inspired and motivated design teams and key stakeholders across the organisation. I’d highly recommend Anak as a key design partner in any team"

Christopher Minnet - Head of HCD Natwest

Played a pivotal role in streamlining our user journeys, skillfully pinpointing areas for enhanced engagement. Their insights propelled us to new milestones, revolutionizing Saisho's user experience. Her knack for delivering value at the opportune moment is truly remarkable.

Carlos Suarez - Founder Saisho

Working with Anak was a pleasure. She minimized user friction, identified blockers, and optimized the Lullaai user experience. Her talent lies in offering value at the right moment, maximizing user engagement, and delivering remarkable results, making us Apple App of the Day in 10 countries.

We anticipate future collaborations with Anak. Her contributions were pivotal in achieving our goals and ensuring an exceptional user experience."

Ignacio Valledor -  Lulla Care CEO


What our clients are saying





Craft a strong beginning for your venture. I Life You provides tailored user journey audits and optimization to set your business on the path to success on the early stages.

Start by fostering trust



Drive conversions and amplify experiences with strategic optimization.

Our expertise fine-tunes every touchpoint in your user journeys aligned with proven psychological strategies.

Elevate your established business



Set the standard for outstanding user excellence in your industry.

Ensure seamless expansion while upholding ethical standards, refining user experiences, and showcasing excellence in your industry.

Achieve ethical scaling and growth


I Life You humanises customer EXPERIENCES by applying psychological principals that help your customers want to stick around your product.


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